Helsinki University of Technology (TKK)


Helsinki University of Technology (TKK) is located in Espoo, about 10 km from Helsinki. The TKK campus area is called Otaniemi. There are altogether 15 000 under- and postgraduate students studying at TKK, which makes TKK the largest technical university in Finland. In 2008, TKK celebrated its 100-years long history of university-level education and research in the field of science and technology. On the left you see the university main building that has no role at all in this symposium.







TUAS building


Most of the conference will take place in the TUAS Building of TKK (Otaniementie 17, Espoo. building 37 on this map). All the presentations on Tuesday and Wednesday will be held in lecture hall AS1. The demonstrations and registration on Monday will start in this building as well.






The latter part of the demonstrations on Monday will be at the Acoustics Laboratory in Electrical Engineering building of TKK (building 4 on this map).








The welcome party on Monday evening will be held in the Radisson SAS Espoo hotel (Otaranta 2, just beside building 28 on this map)