Call for Demos, DL 15.5.2009

There will be 19 oral presentations and two panel discussions on June 16th and 17th during the symposium. The first day, 15th of June, will be devoted to demonstrations at Dept. Signal Processing and Acoustics. The tentative schedule is:

June 15th 
10.00 Demonstration setup for demonstrators
14.00 Demonstrations and related talks
19.00 Welcome sauna party 

Demonstration proposals are requested for different rooms, which are described in the following:

The rooms:
1) Large anechoic chamber w ~7m distance between the wedges 
2) Medium-sized anechoic chamber w ~4m distance between the wedges 
3) Medium-sized anechoic chamber w ~4m distance between the wedges 
4) ITU-R BS.1116 compliant listening room, area about 36 m2
5) Room with acoustics controlled by curtains, area about 50 m2
6) Room with highly absorbing walls, almost semianechoic, area about 120 m2


Equipment for rooms:
1) 2D loudspeaker setup can be arranged upon request
2) 2D loudspeaker setup or headphones can be arranged upon request
3) room has 30-channel 3D versatile loudspeaker rig, and 20-channel microphone rig in dodecahedron. Mac + Max/MSP available with multichannel output
4) loudspeaker systems: 5.1 and 7.1, and three elevated loudspeakers, Mac + Max/MSP available for multichannel output
5) Two-channel stereos and headphones available, anything else upon request
6) Room has 24-channel 3D loudspeaker setup covering the upper hemisphere. In addition, about 10 extra loudspeakers can be mounted with stands. Linux + PD available with multichannel output. In addition, your own multichannel interface could be easily plugged in.


The proposal should include title, and 60-120 words describing the demonstration in general, and 60-120 words describing the proposed technical implementation of the demonstration. The proposals are to be sent directly to Ville Pulkki in address The deadline for the proposals is 15.5.2009. Further enquiries of the available facilities can be also requested from Ville Pulkki.