Current information - new submission system available

We had to switch our submission system and the new system is now up and running! Please, report any problems to me as soon as possible! Unfortunately, all the information in the old system is unreachable (at least for the moment) as our original commercial service provider is having serious problems and unable to provide any information regarding their future. (updated by Lauri, 270109, 17:43 EEST)

Past information

Corg system (for EAA Symposium submissions) is down at the moment and we can not do anything for it. We hope that problems will be solved soon, but we are also currently seeking another option for submissions. So, do not submit your paper yet, more info will be here soon, tomorrow at latest. (updated by Tapio, 260109, 15:56).

Submissions are handled with the CORG system. You must start by creating a user account there.