Room Models

From this page you can download some geometric models of rooms  (you have to login to see links).

  • The first three models are in dxf format and they are the models applied in [1] (Fig. 6, models b, c, and d).

[1] Laine, S., Siltanen, S., Lokki, T., and Savioja, L., "Accelerated beam tracing algorithm," Applied Acoustics, vol. 70, nr. 1, pp. 172-181, January 2009. Online (ScienceDirect)

  • An acoustic model of the Sigyn hall in Turku, Finland. The model contains ca. 300 polygons and is made by Dr Tapio Lahti from Akukon, Finland.
  • Geometry data and some results, provided by Peter Svensson. The zip file contains lists of specular reflections and diffractions for the two simple hall models in the paper
    F. P. Mechel, "Improved mirror source method in room acoustics," J. Sound Vib. 256, pp. 873-940 [2002].
  • Link to Peter Svensson's pages where are some more measurements.